The Gasoline Gypsies performing on 

Fox 2 TV - Detroit

The Gasoline Gypsies on Mitch Albom's

Radio show on WJR Detroit.

Eric Kiska - Metro-Detroit Music Writer 

February 4, 2015

Some supporters of the metro-Detroit music scene have been saying local rock bands can’t sell-out big shows anymore. It’s unsure if it’s from poor promotion or concert-goers being too stingy to pay a $5-10 cover charge, but I’ve witnessed this to be a sad but true fact. If the show is properly promoted and set at an atmospheric venue with the right bands, though, metro-Detroit musicians will still attract the masses. Last Saturday night at the Magic Bag when The Social Bandits, The Native Howl, The Prime Ministers and The Gasoline Gypsies took the stage, they sold out the Ferndale nightclub and manifested the power of rock n’ roll.

Don Kanners of the metro-Detroit talent management/promotion company MusicMovers was the mastermind behind the organization and promotion of this particular show. MusicMovers specializes in combining music and charity around metro-Detroit. Their mission is “guided by a desire to uplift Detroit, both through its charitable support and its Motown-inspired nurturing of outstanding local musicians.”

“It makes it all worth it to look back and know we’ve raised money for autism, the homeless, the hungry, and more,” said Kanners. There’s no doubt it would be pleasant to see more venues and musicians around Detroit use the power of music to uplift Detroit with charitable causes. Kanners is certainly onto something here with his Walled-Lake, MI based company.

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See The Gasoline Gypsies performing live on WDIV / NBC Detroit (Oct 2016)

by clicking on the picture:

See The Native Howl performing live (acoustic) on WDIV - NBC Detroit

by clicking on the picture:

See The Gasoline Gypsies performing live  acoustic on WDIV - NBC Detroit by clicking on the picture:

John Bayerl - SeMI

​November 15, 2015

"Don Kanners at Music Movers is one of the most thoughtful and innovative promoters in the metro area."

The Native Howl & The Gasoline Gypsies both performed at WDET 101.9 FM

on Ann Delisi's Essential Music program

The Tom Toms on Mitch Albom's
Radio show on WJR Detroit.